1.- The fish that comes mainly from the Catalonian coast is normally bought from June to September. The months from March to June are usually from the Cantabrian Sea.

2.- At the fish market, our buyers control the quality and size of the fish.

3.- Upon arrival at the warehouse, the temperature of the fish, its entirety and hardness are controlled.

4.- The size of the fish is selected and processed in two ways:

  1. a) It is used fresh (anchovy-Boquerón)
  2. b) It is left in brine (salted water) to carry out its maturation process or it is salted directly


  1. The head and the viscera are detached. This process is manual and quite delicate.
  1. The fresh fish, once the head and viscera are detached, is placed in barrels covered with salt and with a press of about 25 kg., To extract all of its juice.
  2. At the end of the maturation, the salt is changed and the ideal size is chosen to pack them in different formats
  1. The final packaging (always manual) is done in glass jars of different formats.
  2. Expiration of the product will be 6 months in olive oil format and 12 months in salting format.